From farmers, to manufacturers, to builders and consultants Canobi’s AGRP™ technology will provide the foundation you need to build a successful business or take your operations to the next level.

How Does Canobi Help Indoor Farmers?

Canobi’s AGRP™ platform monitors 24/7, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks, and providing analytics to help you optimize all facets of your operation. Canobi is a complete set of farming and business tools and allows you to run all aspects of your farming business form a single pane of glass.

  • Fast set-up
  • Integrates with any sensors, devices, and systems
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting means issues are dealt with immediately
  • Rules-based automation reduces workforce needs and crop variability
  • Performance visualizations allow you to maximize yields and control costs
  • Business tools make the only platform you’ll need
  • Streamlines compliance reporting for farmers in regulated industries.
  • Accessible from any device – anywhere, anytime

Canobi Helps Manufacturers Add Networked Intelligence

Canobi can quickly add a layer of monitoring and analysis to manufacturers’ unconnected products – allowing your customers to optimize usage and improve maintenance and replacement times. But beyond that, by whitelabeling, Canobi manufacturers can offer clients a full, branded AGRP™ solution helping build better, deeper, more valuable customer relationships and driving revenue growth with a SaaS-based offering.

  • Quickly add monitoring, alerting, and automation to devices and systems
  • Extend your offering via white-labelling
  • Build closer relationships with clients
  • Improved ability predict and prevent product failures and monitor product lifecycle
  • Improve lifetime value of clients by creating ongoing subscription-based revenue streams

Providing a One-Stop Toolkit for Agri-Agents and Consultants

Agri-Agents, greenhouse builders and indoor farming consultants all face one common challenge: How do they provide their clients with the best solution to simplify start-up, streamline operations, and power growth? Canobi’s AGRP™ addresses all those issues by providing a scalable, interoperable platform that brings together all the tools needed to optimize both the farming and business sides of the equation.

  • Single-pane-of-glass for farming ops, back office and compliance needs
  • Right-sized for clients from small local start-ups to multi-facility international agri-businesses
  • Easy to deploy and fast to configure with a very short ROI cycle
  • Full partner support program and support for team selling

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