Sunny South Africa

The season is turning here in Eastern Ontario, but Robin just got back from a very successful trip to sunny South Africa.

The plants and flowers were absolutely incredible. This is a Strelitzia reginae, more commonly known as the crane flower, or bird of paradise.

The food was also amazing. Robin was lucky to be invited to eat at Homebaze, a restaurant specializing in African cuisine, by restaurant owner Kennith Ariyeng, and Tshidi Vera, an actress and wellness advocate who is interested in indoor farming for the production of essential oils  and other natural plant extracts. 

Unsurprisingly one of the greenhouses Robin visited specialized in growing a wide variety of cacti.

There was also a very quick trip to Ethiopia (eight-hour turn around!) to meet with some members of the Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four about indoor farming, food sovereignty and food security.

Can you grow hops indoors? Some people are going to try!

Robin didn’t have time to go for a swim, but he did take this great shot of False Bay Beach.

Leaving Johannesburg.

And back home again.

After a quick turn-around, Robin will be off to Germany for the VertiFarm show and Association for Vertical Farming Summit in Dortmund. Hope to see you there!