Canobi AGRP™

The Future of Indoor Farming is Here

The SaaS-based Canobi Indoor Farm Management (IFM) platform is the next step in agricultural intelligence. The platform consists of an on-site base station that connects to sensors installed in your facility (or multiple facilities) anywhere in the world.

Canobi’s powerful dashboards allow you to both visualize and analyze your farm data, which enables you to optimize operations.

Set-up is quick and easy and requires little maintenance. Your base station connects to your personalized Canobi dashboard, and you can be examining and analyzing your data within minutes.

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Monitor with High-Resolution Data

Canobi connects and monitors your sensors and systems 24/7, so you can pinpoint humidity, temperature, CO2 pockets and much more. High-resolution monitoring allows you to collect thousands of data points vertically and horizontally throughout the grow room, view and analyze the data, and generate notifications. Combined with access to historical data, Canobi allows farmers to dial-in rooms and create recipes and playbooks to ensure consistently high-yields with exceptional quality.

Automate to Streamline Operations

Control every aspect of your farm automatically. Set your standard parameters for lighting, fertigation, and temperature, and Canobi can automatically make adjustments to maintain optimum conditions.

For example, based on high-resolution data from monitoring, the Canobi IFM can respond and pre-empt humidity and temperature fluctuations due to lighting changes.

The system enables smoother climate management and more complex climate profiles. You can also create micro-environments and harvest recipes that automate essential but time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Visualization Drives Optimization

Canobi’s data visualization models include root cause analysis dashboards, status overviews, and interactive floor plans that provide an instantaneous snapshot of your facility’s operating status. We also offer an extensive library of pre-built dashboards, which you can use off-the-shelf or as a starting point for your own custom dashboards.

Our dashboards let famers go beyond simply monitoring real-time data: they allow you to use historical data for complex analysis, and enable you to create optimized SOPs, playbooks and recipes that will drive your automation, reduce risk due to human error, improve yields, shorten growth cycles and let your team focus on higher-value work.

Run Every Aspect of Your Farm Business

With Canobi, you can manage every aspect of your indoor farming business from harvest management, to cost management, to payroll, all the way to GMP audit and readiness.

You can use Canobi’s standard SOPs and workflows, or create customized  workflows for all your business processes – including procurement, equipment maintenance, GPP/GMP audit, billing and accounts payable, harvest management, document sharing and knowledge management. But you choose which modules to activate, and pay only for what you need.

A Package That's Right For You

Whether you are a small farmer with a single growroom or greenhouse, a multi-facility operator or an agri-enterprise with facilities around the globe, Canobi has a package that fits any business model with more than 5000ft2 (1500m2) under cultivation. Prices start as low as $500 per month. Contact us at to find out which package is right for you.

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