Canobi’s AGRP™ (Agriculture Resource Planning) platform integrates monitoring and automation technology with powerful business planning tools to help you manage your entire indoor farming operation.

Farm Smarter With Canobi

Have you ever found yourself saying:
  • We’re getting overrun managing day-to-day operations
  • We need to automate to grow at scale
  • Our operation needs to get more efficient and consistent
  • Compliance and reporting are a constant headache and time drain

Sound familiar? Canobi’s AGRP™ can help. Canobi is a SaaS-based Agricultural Resource Planning platform for indoor farmers anywhere in the world. It integrates your existing sensors, devices, and systems to provide real-time monitoring, alerting, data visualization, automation, and optimization of farm and business processes. Whether you’re a local operation with a single room or a major grower with multiple facilities in many locations, Canobi empowers indoor farmers to monitor, analyze, and make data-driven farming and business decisions.

Driving Local Solutions for Global Challenges

We are living in times of unprecedented change.

Climate change, demographics, and economics are driving new realities around the globe.

Canobi AgTech is working hard to be part of a new tomorrow that allows us to live our best lives while bringing our planet back into balance. We’re working with indoor farmers to develop local solutions for the pressing global challenges surrounding food security.

For you, this means we’re working with our partners to improve agricultural productivity, reduce chemical use, produce healthier crops, and reduce food miles.

What Our Farmers and Partners
are Saying

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